TRANSFORMING step by step

Hon. Joseph Ole Lenku

I continue to be honored and feel a great sense of both privilege and responsibility to serve the people of Kajiado. Together we are building a better county and our unity and the solidarity in our efforts are a role model for other counties.

our accomplishments


Hay Production

Supporting farmers with feed materials, especially in times of difficultly in drought. By storing excess hay at facilities across the county, farmers will have access to the crucial food source year round.

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Level 4 Hospitals

The county government is seeking to improve health outcomes across the region and working to improve all of the Level 4 facilities. Already there is a significant amount of progress towards achieving quality healthcare.

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Kajiado Level 5 Hospital

The Kajiado County Government is working to improve the Kajiado Referral Hospital and has seen a great deal of progress. Improvements have even led to referrals from hospitals in Nairobi.

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