The County is investing in cooperatives, both large and small to help expand the economy. Through cooperatives the county plans to reach cooperators in all sectors of the economy through provision of cooperative business model.

Vigorous market promotion and value addition through cooperatives will improve incomes of agriculture, livestock, products and service providers in Kajiado County. The Ushanga initiative has been fully embraced with registration of bead work cooperative societies to undertake the business.

Featured Accomplishments

Cooperative Extension

30 Cooperatives registered
– Management committee trainings conducted for 11 cooperatives
Tredairy Cooperative Society Launched in April 2018
Partnership with development agencies enhanced, including Global Community, Mara Beef, and Child Fund
Ushirika Day celebrations held

Cooperative Efforts

– General meetings for 51 cooperatives
attended where audited accounts were presented to their membership and Management

– Committees of 11 Cooperatives were also trained on sound management skills to enable them reap from their investments

Our Small and Micro enterprises and cooperative development and support programs provide the mainstay of our quest for enterprise development to broaden participation in a growing economy. A policy on investment is at an advanced stage to engage fruitfully with various investors to identify opportunities for investment.
My government is also specifically developing a policy of promoting equal and active participation of women (e.g. management training, financial services, upgrading of skills) so as to empower our women and remove them from the throes of marginalization.

H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku

Governor, Kajiado County

Ushirika groups in a procession during Ushirika Day celebrations at Kiserian – Kajiado County on 7th July 2018
H.E Joseph Ole Lenku – Governor Kajiado County visiting groups during the event

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