Education and Vocational Training


The vision of the Department of Education and Vocational Training is to offer globally competitive education, training, research and innovation system through provision, promotion and coordination of quality education and training, integration of science, technology and innovation for sustainable development in Early Childhood Education and Vocational Training.

The Education Department has seen progress in the past year, with a new ECD centre built, new education books written and printed, implemented a feeding programme and distributed millions of shillings in bursary funding. The county government has also made strong progress towards the goal of raising literacy levels in the County to 70%.

Featured Accomplishments

ECD Education is enshrined in the constitution as the County’s responsibility and we see it as the foundation of education for all students and therefore we are taking it very seriously and investing heavily in our young learners

Hon. Samuel Seki

CEC- Education and Vocational Training

On education, our focus must be on ensuring that there is a well-connected continuum in our education pipeline, from early childhood development, through to pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary education and through to workplace skills development and adult learning.

In this regard, the County Integrated Early Childhood Development (ECD) Action Plan that is being developed by the Department of Education will contribute immensely to improve access to ECD services.

H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku

Governor, Kajiado County

The County Government has initiated a feeding programme at all of our schools. The food in highly nutritious and is really helping with retention and minimized absenteeism

Christine Kerei

ECD Coordinator – Kajiado East

Completed ECD Projects

– Purchase of Land for construction of an ECDE at Inkarusa in Keekonyokie
– Purchase of land in Kitengela ward for construction of a public school
– Construction of ECDE centre at Sultan Hamud township
– Construction of ECDE centre at Llkidemi
We were in an old class for five years, it was a multi-purpose building and we had many problems, including animals entering the classroom and eating our materials. But now we have a brand new building which is very secure, and the children are very happy with the new classroom and new furniture. We are really happy and say a big thank you to the county government.

Naomi Tipape

ECD Teacher – Llkidemi Schoo

The County Bursary Fund Disbursed

Ksh 40M to 5,563 students

2,968 Male Students
2,595 Female Students
4,697 Secondary Students
389 College Students
477 Universities Students

Construction Projects Underway

– Dining hall at Olkejuado High School
– 7 classrooms at Ilkelunyeti Primary School
– Modern ECDE at Kumpa Primary School
– Modern ECDE at Lenchani Primary School
– Modern ECDE at Enkaroni and Enkutoto

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