The Fisheries sector in Kajiado is an underutilized sector, but one which has a lot of potential. While there are not habitats and there has been little technical training, the County Government of Kajiado has begun exploring opportunities which can have significant economic impact for those we engage in fisheries.
In the past year, the County has provided liners for building ponds as well as provide the fingerlings to stock them. As these preliminary sites prove to be a success and generate income for the local communities, the County plans to expand its efforts and create a brand new sector of the economy

Our Progress

Promotion of Aquaculture

– Construction and equipping of 6 fish ponds
– Provision of 12,000 fingerlings to farmers
– Provision of 1500 kgs of fish feeds to farmers
– Provision of 6 sein nets, 6 predator nets and 6 scoop nets to farmers
– One fish farmers residential training held
– Training of 3 technical staff on fish quality control and safety assurance
Inspection of fisheries resources done
We’ aim to work directly with farmers, suppliers and traders to improve the production and marketing of fish. We’re doing this by, Providing training for fish farmers and helping them to access high-value markets to increase their incomes.

We also aim to provide assisstance supporting the suppliers of feed and fingerlings (young fish) to improve the quality of their produce and help them to sell to farmers

H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku

Governor, Kajiado County

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