Hay Production

The Hay Production Flagship Project in Kajiado seeks to support farmers with feed materials, especially in times of difficultly in drought. By storing excess hay at facilities across the county farmers will have access to the crucial food source year round.

This project, once fully operational, will produce and store 500,000 bails of hay a year, and within three years this should be able to complete mitigate the effects of drought.

Despite climatic and weather conditions ranchers will be able to ensure that their herds never succumb to hunger and that lack of pasture will no long lead to herd die off. In addition this effort helps reduce conflict as herds will no longer need to be driven to far off locations in search of pasture.

70 community based hay
production groups formed and trained on hay production

Pit Silo construction
ongoing at the
Kajiado Demonstration Farm

Ongoing training and
monitoring of the hay
production groups
1600 kgs of pasture
 seeds procured for
rangeland reseeding
Fencing of Tarda Farm and
Kajiado Demonstration
farm has begun
Three sites have been identified for
strategic feed reserve (Emali, Kajiado
Demonstration Farm & Olkiramatian)
Kajiado County is blessed with an abundance of land, and through hay production we can convert our empty land into productive spaces which will help us fight food insecurity.

We know that dry spells are going to come and this will ensure that we are well prepared and that times of drought will not severely effect us any longer

H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku

Governor, Kajiado County

The Government is investing in hay production in many ways. We are fencing the properties we own and producing hay. This includes our Isenya Farm which is 2,000 acres, and our Email Farm at 1,800 acres. We then offer this hay to farmers and ranchers at subsidized rates.

We also plan to grow this project bringing in large and small scale farmers to do the same, and the county will assist them with both training an equipment to help facility this project and build resilience.

Hon. Moses Ole Narok

CEC, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives

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