The Ministry of Lands and Physical planning seeks to plan towns and markets and to guide development and achieve orderly developments through mapping and survey of townships.

The Department also engages in adjudication of group ranches to provide security of land tenure, and to promote environmental protection to inhibit degeneration and depletion of critical resources and make settlements habitable.

These efforts are making Kajiado a safe place to invest and own property.

Featured Accomplishments

–  Digitization of Land Registry

– Sensitization of Masaii community on land matters through radio programmes and social media

– Pushing forward reforms has helped prevent Fraud Recovery of grabbed land

–  Solved several land dispute cases that have been in court for over 20 years

– Stopped all land sub-division in rural areas

– Developed zoning and spatial plans

– Establishment of two municipalities

My Government has digitized records for land and plots in the County. Their information has been securely captured and stored in the workflow system and as a result of these and other efforts in the sector I’m also pleased to report that the Department of Lands has been able to recover over 3,000 acres of land that was not in the possession of the County for over 30 years. This Land is currently being fenced and is under use for hay production

H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku

Governor, Kajiado County

Before we took over, the Lands sector was a mess, transactions were being conducted that were not following law, a single individual was doing almost all of the work, Land subdivision happened at an incredible fast rate, whole areas divided into 1/8th acres, it was really problematic. So far we’ve managed to correct most of this and efforts in the Lands sector have really improved

Hon. Hamililton Lekuna Parseina

CEC – Lands and Physical Planning


Plot Searches

Searches conducted: 340
Revenue accrued from plot searches: 166,000 kes
Searches conducted for Government official use: 8

Consent to Charge

Revenue accrued from consent to charge: 88,000 kes

Plot Transfer

A total of number of transfers completed: 180
Revenue accrued from plot transfers: 1,440,000 kes

Revenue Generation

1,694,000: Generated from the Public Lands Registry

New Health Facilities Opened

– Digitization of All Land Records
– Development of the Registry Work Flow System
– Security Improved: The Registry has been fully secured
by installation of CCTV and a Biometric Door
– 10,000 Tamper-proof Letters of Allotment Issued

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