Towards sustainable
food and livestock feed
security in Kajiado

Kajiado County is primarily a pastoralist rangeland but the dire need to sustain food security has necessitated a focus on both agricultural farming and livestock rearing. A shortage of 4.5 million kilograms of meat in Kenya, according to statistics, means beef farming remains a yet to be fully exploited, key economic opportunity for Kajiado County.

A sharp rise in population in rapidly growing urban centres has created an increasing demand for food, making both crop and meat production critical areas of focus for the County Government.

The County Government has put in place measures to protect livestock from diseases and shortage of pasture in order to maintain the highest levels of milk and meat production.

Featured Accomplishments

Animal disease and pest control

9 Vaccination crushes are under construction
4 animal disease surveillance projects conducted
– Longitudinal study on the effects of trypanosomiasis on CBPP vaccination conducted
Training of 25 staff and 20 community disease reporters on zoonotic diseases

Livestock Markets

– Continuous livestock data collection & reporting in the three major livestock markets of Bissil, Emali and Kiserian
– Installation of weighing scale at Emali and Ilbissil Livestock market
– Continuous livestock disease surveillance in livestock markets

County Abattoirs

4 Trainings of butchers and slaughterhouse operators
2 Supervisory visits to slaughterhouse and sale yards conducted
13 Local slaughterhouses licensed
93 Meat transport carriers licensed
45 Hides and skins premises inspected and licensed
45 Flayers trained

Vaccination Done Against

– Foot & Mouth Disease: 78,948
– Blanthrax: 92,206
– Contagious Caprine PleuroPneumonia : 178,009
– Sheep & Goat Pox: 127,861
– Blue Tongue: 78,252
– Contagious Bovine PleuroPneumonia: 53,093

Resilience Program

Along with the National Government the County has implemented a Resilience Programme and conducted restocking exercises across the region to help the community recover from last year’s drought.

Veterinary Services

– Drought intervention supportive treatment done:
Cattle – 20,805, Goats – 18,256, Sheep – 21,076
– Participated in Rabies Scientific Conference in Kisumu Training of staff on internship supervision at Kephis, Muguga
4 Baiting programs and Vaccination against rabies conducted
1,750 farm visits and clinical case management done
7 staff participated in Kenya Veterinary Association Scientific conference in April 2018

Emergency Feed Distribution

– 825 bags of survival mash
– 5000 UMMB blocks
– 800 Molasses cans
– 30,000 Bales of Hay
– 24,000 bags range cubes

Livestock Production and Management

5 Pastoral Field Schools trainings continuing
2 County staff meetings on Pasture production
– Kajiado County held Kenya Pastoral Week (KPW) with the Theme: Climate Smart Pastoralism
2 Stakeholder workshops for pasture production held
33 Acres of Kajiado County Demonstration farm land ploughed
10 Acres reseeded at Kajiado Demonstration farm
10 Trainings conducted across the Sub – Counties on animal husbandry practices
142 farm visits conducted
Construction of Cooling plant in Kimuka on going
Construction of milk parlour and renovation of Cattle dips in Kajiado demonstration farm on going
3 staff participated in Animal production Society of Kenya Scientific Symposium in April 2018

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