Trade, Tourism &


The Trade, Tourism and Industrializaiton Ministry seeks to help create a globally competitive economy with sustainable and equitable socio-economic development where citizens can transact freely across borders.

The goal is to promote, coordinate and implement integrated socio economic policies for a rapidly industrializing economy, to encourage micro-enterprise and self employment, promote and grow the tourism sector, guide and regulate investment and thereby enhance the economic growth of the county.

Featured Accomplishments

Participated in the Kenya Pastoralist week
cultural festival showcasing the local culture
among 15 pastoralist-dominated counties
Created a promotional tourism film that will
be released later this year as well as a booklet
highlighting 25 things to do in Kajiado
In Kitengela the average traffic jam has been
reduced from 90 minutes to 15
The County is currently mapping out tourism
investment destinations in order to promote                                                    both local and international tourism in the                                                    county as well as attract international investors                                              and develop tourism greenfields
Over a dozen business roundtables have
occurred to help coordinate employment
A 30,000,000 kes project in partnership
with the World Bank to relocate the Ngong
market is underway
The county has collaborated with SACCO’s
in order to enhance the ease of doing business

Cabinet Memorandums and Policies

• Women Empowerment: seeking to give women
an opportunity to offer unskilled labor services to
the County Government in an attempt to realize 30% procurement rule
• Formation of County investment Unit: the county has formed a unit with the sole intention of streamlining county investment matters as well as vetting domestic and foreign direct investments
• County Investment Policy: seeking to improve and guide development in the County
• Ushanga Initiative Concept Paper: seeking to
create economic opportunities and harness the rich ornamental culture of the region for the benefit of the county and its residents

Six Proposed Policies

• Trade Policy
• Tourism Policy
• Investment Policy
• Cultural Policy
• Industry Policy
• Research and Development Framework

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