Urban Development


The Urban Development Department seeks to map urban boundaries, plan urban space, identify support infrastructure for urban development, present priority areas of planning and to inform future development and investments. The department seeks to create and implement plans on drainage, waste management and connectivity as well as housing.

The Department has accomplished several of its strategic targets such as the development of policy papers, mapping of boundaries and putting in place the right bodies and personnel to administer urban development activities. 

Numerous roads have been graded and cleared such as Olchorro Onyore, Isseuri, Oloirien, Enkorika – Enkasurai and Nkurunka – Sholinke

Featured Accomplishments

– Creation of Urban Management Boards

– Partnership Initiative with the National Government under KUSP with an allocation of 215 million kes for Ngong municipality and 50 million ket for Kajiado municipality

– Signed a Partnership Agreement with the World Bank for continuous funding

– Levelling survey for Kiserian Dam

– Salvation Army Church site validation number given

– Sponge City meeting to aid in translating the town plan to help in improving service drainage to improve water resource management

– Beaconig of Entarara Forest, Forest area reclaimed and trees planted

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