Vijana Tujiajiri


The Vijana Tujiajiri programme seeks to train, empower, and equip out of work and unemployed youth with training and vocational skills and create business entrepreneurs, growing youth micro-businesses that will create thousands of jobs in the county.

We have enrolled thousands of students at Maasai Technical Training Institute (MTTI) and other Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) across the county through our subsidized vocational training grants programme.

Featured Accomplishments

In the coming days, if you want to build a house in this county, we have the masons, if we want people to connect electricity, we wont go any further, we will have them right here among the youth in that area of specialization.
I want to thank KCB because they are worthy partners. We want to strengthen that code so that we can be able to help our brothers and sisters.

Hon. Martin Moshisho

Deputy Governor,
Kajiado County

This programme will provide our youth with an opportunity for their own empowerment, they will be empowered to be productive, to participate in nation building, and to be ready for the industrial developments coming to Kajiado County.
Our Youth are not leaders of tomorrow, they are already leaders if an opportunity is given to them.

H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku

Governor, Kajiado County

I thank you so much KCB, I thank you so much the county Government. You have been so close to us and you have helped us come this far.
We were walking on the streets without jobs, we lacked school fees for our education, but you heard our cries and you have decided to come share with us, the youth.
You have come to help us solve our problems and to educate us, thank you so much

Saitoti Nguman

Student – Maasai Technical Training Institute

Jobs Created

Million of shillings disbursed through grants

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